Saturday, February 25, 2012

ok , so the childrens edible playground project is finally under construction . 
with the ground still frozen , its been a bit of a trial achieving anything , but we couldn't wait . 
we just love working in sub zero conditions . nothing planted yet - that will be in late April or May , 
but the hut thing , the paths , the fall in hole , the big tree animal play object are up. ish .
here is the team . mighty hard workers to the last . 
we didn't have time to put the soil on the green roof on yet . or the safety rails ... but we assumed that no one would be up there until it was finished anyway . wrong . it took about 30 seconds after we put down out tools , and there they were , right up on the edge , happy as larry . safe as houses .

its quite an amazing structure , the columns sit on some mighty big stones , the wood is locally sourced , mostly waste wood from forestry . the construction is an earth bag rear wall ( this will be rendered in earth with a built in bench warming radiant heat stove ) and the trees have been sculpted to snap together like a puzzle ... by the rather fine and talented Michi . ( the chap in the black , leftmost in the group photo above . he built the structures at the healing center in Nagano ) )
well , as you may have seen in our original notes , we promised a large tree play animal thingie . Yoshiro in his infinite wisom managed to pull this off . it sticks off the back of his 4tonne truck a wee bit . good times and close calls .
removing the bark so the insects wont burrow in
well needed afternoon naps
and voile , there you go ! its a monster . a happy monster . is it a swing ? a climbing frame ? a deck ? lord ! who knows where it will go .
here , a good view of the fall in hole , and the chip path was laid down ... 

tune in next month , when things might get a little more finished ... current plan is for a xylophone bridge for kids to bang their heads on when falling into the fall in hole .
waiting in anticipation for the next installment of kamaishi cosmos volunteer efforts ... what would they do without us !

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