Wednesday, November 9, 2011

... thinking about the longer term goals of the kamaishi cafe cosmos .

SUSTAINABILITY is the most important goal
waste management
greywater to garden
compost toilet
compost system
alternative electricity
hydroelectric power generator
wind turbine
biodiesel electricity generator
solar electricity
greenhouse … seedling production . rare plants . job opportunities ( + greenhouse heating to koya ? )
rainwater harvesting
solar water heater

local produce market for distribution , and local communication
edible playground
stage / decks / pergola for entertaining and performing
picnic area
classroom / workshop / education
art + music
self sufficiency
etc etc ...

( meibutsu - in japanese means 'brilliant treasure' it refers to those renowned local products in an area that make the area famous . nearly every local area in japan its own meibutsu
this list is the starting point of a discussion of how to revive local economy , create jobs , and local pride with meibutsu .

for example

 the local persimon . cosmos has many of these trees .
being picked here by the fine fellow ei-chan
 they are smoked in a smokehouse to remove the natural astringency
 to become super delicious dessert fantasy objects of great repute

we are trying them out in our first test brew - cloudy wheat beer . its gonna be mighty I reckon.

some other meibutsu ideas for cosmos ...
the new oven !bread + pizza + baking… bread oven / grains and flours . dried fruit and nuts . yeasts .
beer … brewery / mugi / malting process / hops
ok , ok , we want pizza and beer . its all out in the open now .
and perhaps
pottery … kiln / local clay / workshop facilities . 
beer mugs !!!
once the important things like pizza and beer are clear , we are thinking of ...

herbs / fresh and dry … herb garden and solar dryer  / packing and storage . medicinals .
dried fruit … new fruit tree varieties?  ? / solar dryer / packing and storage
berries … varieties? / location ? / ice , jam etc / packing and storage
nuts … viarieties ?  / packing and storage
ferments … tobasco , yuzukosho , phils pizza sauce  / packing and storage
sansai … propagate wild food plants in the local mountains
... any other suggestions ?

the sign at right says ' super optimism ' in japanese

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