Wednesday, November 9, 2011

phil has been building a real proper authentic 8 ton bread oven . its nearly finished !

he refers to the inspiration of the late Alan Scott often . this is his bible 'the bread builders' .

phil the oven builder has been burning small fires in the oven every morning and night to allow it to dry before the first real firing .

phil plugs the leak before the chimney goes in

note the attention to detail here . the crows foor handle that doubles as a door stand , the 'oya-ishi' centre stone ( from the car park ) , the steel pot beneath for catching the coals raked out after firing ( so we can sit around it toasty warm eating beer and drinking pizza ) . try not to note the incredibly badly ( hurredly ? ) stacked wood , offcuts from the local mill . we will do better next time .
otoo-san blessed the oven , the the firing ceremony commences
he blessed the beer fermenter also . bless him !

 jumpei the fine baker of mighty edible scuptures arrives ! this is his ' cosmos bread '

and here jumpei teaches the locals the mystical art of rolling buns with the dough not sticking to your hands in the process ...
 suzuki-san doing a couple of fine pizzas  . soy sauce anfd blue chees !!! delicious !!!
 alan the healer having a go with enthusiastic support from the band
this is an old upside down photo of the baking floor and the plywood dome template at back . it was interesting seeing this thing come together .

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