Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yoshiro makes a compost toilet based on the 'humanure handbook'

using local waste products . these are 'kanbatsu-zai' - the trees deemed unsuitable for milling and cut down to allow the other trees to achieve full potential . the trees are japanese cedar , a beautiful wood very common in japanese building
luckily we have yoshiro the human bulldozer
and mighty mike
and the hardworking local ladies .
putting in the foundations for the composting system . 
what a team !
nearly finsihed . the system will compost all the toilet contents and cafe waste . thats why it is so substantial ( huge ! ) . basically the left and right hand bays are used alternately - when one is full the other gets used , giving the first one time to compost thoroughly . the centre bay , with the roof is used to store carbon ( in our case straw and sawdust ) to soak up the nitrogen rich wastes . good compost is a ratio of 30parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen .

more details can be found about this system here  'humanure handbook'
more about composting details from the permaculture master Geoff .. compost

 witness the thing in action for the first time . 20 litres of the finest humanure . fresh out og the humans

accurately documented .

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